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Nuru Massage

The Las Vegas Nuru Massage

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Nuru Massage

There are hundreds of reasons why people opt to have a Las Vegas NURU massage. More people getting a Nuru massage in Las Vegas prefer having the massage done in their preferred, private places than visiting a salon or a spa. That’s why we are committed to offering an excellent Nuru massage service in hotels within 20 miles of Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Nuru massage is the best sensual massage and one to experience when vacating or doing business in Las Vegas.

It’s a thoroughly relaxing, highly erotic, and engaging experience whether it’s your first time getting a Nuru massage in Las Vegas or you’re a seasoned Nuru fan.

24-Hour Massage Service Las Vegas

The word ‘Nuru’ originates from Japan, meaning slippery. The Las Vegas out Nuru massage will keep your body calm and relaxed. It is probably the best way to relieve your mind from stress and tension. Nuru massage remains one of the best body rubs with great pleasures, and it’s the experience of a lifetime. If you’re interested in learning more about our Nuru massages in Las Vegas, get in touch with our team and we’ll walk you through the process You can also contact us to schedule an outcall today!

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Why You Should Go For Our Las Vegas Nuru Massage

Revitalizes Your Body: The Las Vegas Nuru massage restores and soothes your body, soul and mind leaving you feeling like a new person. It is a gentle massage technique that leaves you feeling great.

Outcall Service: Our massage therapist will visit your home or any selected place within 20 miles of Las Vegas. It feels great to receive a Nuru massage in the comfort of your home, where you have control over things.

24 Hour Massage Las Vegas: We provide a 24-hour massage service in Las Vegas. You will enjoy the massage with the beautiful therapist from Asian Massage Las Vegas, who knows how to make a man feel satisfied with pleasure.

The masseuse uses every part of his body to give skin back body rub that slowly takes you into a new world of relaxation. It is not something that can be performed by anybody but experts in the area of Asian massage.

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Prep for an Insane Nuru Massage in Las Vegas

Couple Massage
Nuru Massage

Your Japanese massage therapist will only bring themselves and the Nuru gel when they arrive at your hotel for a Nuru massage session. They may or may not explain the process beforehand, meaning you must take extra measures to prepare yourself physically and mentally.

  • Do Your Homework: Like all things Japanese, a Nuru massageis weirdly fascinating and freaky as all hell to those who have never gotten it before. You see, this technique leaves your therapist as vulnerable as you. It’s a mutual massage in that they use their body to give your body the satisfaction and relaxation it needs. Know what that entails before booking the service.
  • Take a Shower: Nuru massageis the only massage service you should shower for. You should not get it after coming in from the gym or a run around the block. Your masseuse will get up close and personal with you during the session, so it’s better to smell nice and clean before that happens.
  • Shave the Important Bits: Shave that beard and the parts where you want to feel the maximum sensation. The barer you leave those parts of the body, the more intensely you will feel the gel and your massage therapist’s Nuru-covered body.


Nuru massage is more common than you think, especially in Las Vegas. Book this highly sought-after service at our outcall spa and wait for your masseuse to arrive at your door in 20 minutes or more.

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