Couple Massage

Couple Massage in Las Vegas

With Asian Massage Las Vegas, massage is always a pleasant experience. However, instead of booking a solo massage, double the joy with a couples massage. Right from Married couples and people who are dating, to groups of friends – everybody is welcome to book couples massages. It is not only exotically relaxing but also it is a great value for money. We offer only outcall massage services to all the hotels within 20 miles of Las Vegas. Our massage specialists facilitate 24-hour massage in Las Vegas. You will always get a flexible schedule from us.

Come and Unwind

Relaxing Swedish massage for two, oligomer massage for couples, deep tissue couples massage,
couples massage with hot stones – no matter what you want to experience as a couple – we have
everything to match your needs. We offer a fully customized experience to every couple. Book a
service now.


Couple Treatments

Relaxing Swedish massage for Two – This couple massage lets you and your partner enjoy the time on the massage table while reaping the classic benefits of massage. It stimulates blood circulation improving your cell metabolism. Also, it reduces stress hormones, while increasing the serotonin supply.

Deep Tissue Couples Massage – A deep tissue couple massage is the best way to squeeze all the stress and tension out of your body. With the use of deep pressure, these massages loosen knots and bands of tight and overworked tissues promoting better blood circulation, and mobility.

Thai Massage For Couples – Unlike most massage treatments where clients often de-robe themselves, this massage can be performed on fully-clothed couples. This deep massage not only improves flexibility but also ensures quick pain relief.

Not sure which massage session to choose for you and your partner? Our massage therapists can
advise you on the best treatment as per your tastes and wishes. Book an appointment today.

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